A message from the SASMOA President, Dr Laura Willington: join me at the stop work meeting on 12 October to show your support in the fight to secure fair working conditions and pay in your Enterprise Agreement.


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Why is this important?

Doctors have a duty to make patients their first concern.

Providing the best patient care relies on having access to specialist trained doctors. Sadly, patient care continues to be compromised by the State Government’s position on doctors’ workloads, staffing and professional development.

Amidst a backdrop of constant change, driven by politics rather than patient care, the Government now wants to cut pay and are refusing the security of a new work agreement for doctors. In the end, it’s the patients who suffer.

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Salaried doctors send a LETTER to Premier. 


"Care for the public sector doctors that care for our community"

SASMOA is run by Salaried Doctors for Salaried Doctors, and is the only Union organisation party to the Award and Enterprise Agreement.


SASMOA is a registered industrial association (Registered under the Fair Work Act 1994 (SA)) representing salaried doctors on issues relating to their salaries and conditions of employment.

SASMOA was registered in 1973 and is run by salaried doctors for salaried doctors. The governing body is the Council, which is elected annually. The Council consists of 12 members representing the four main groups which comprise the membership, each group elects 3 councillors. The conduct of SASMOA is governed by its Constitution and Rules

The groups are:

  1. Visiting Medical Officers Group comprising any Visiting Medical Officer who is employed on an hourly and non-tenured basis in a health unit under the Visiting Medical Specialist Agreement.
  2. Consultant Group comprising specialists employed as Consultants and Senior Consultants by and in a health unit on either a full or part-time basis under the SA Medical Officers Award.
  3. Medical Practitioners Group comprising Interns, Resident Medical Officers, Registrars and Senior Registrars employed within these classifications in a health unit whether full-time or part-time.
  4. General Group comprising salaried medical officers employed within the SAHC or health units or salaried medical officers not included in any groups (1), (2) or (3).

SASMOA's Councillors employs and sets policies for the secretariat which consists of 5 staff that have a range of industrial, human resources and organisational skills.

SASMOA is the employee party to all major State registered Awards and Agreements covering salaried doctors in South Australia. Its Federal counterpart, ASMOF has the same role in the "Federal" industrial jurisdiction.

We hope that you will find this site informative and helpful. We would also appreciate any feedback you may have. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with suggestions or ideas.

What we do...

Representation in:

  • Employment conditions
  • Contracts of employment
  • Rights and entitlements
  • Safety matters
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Grievances
  • Personal matters
  • Private practice


  • run by doctors for doctors;
  • a democratic organisation run by a Council elected by financial members;
  • made up of Consultants, Visiting Medical Specialists, Clinical Academics, Doctors in Training ; and (Interns, RMO's, Registrars and Senior Registrars)
  • the only Union organisation party to the Award and Enterprise Agreement.

Lobbying for:

  • Attraction and retention
  • Quality and safety
  • Safe hours
  • Professional development
  • Work and family balance
  • Quality training
  • Better workplace facilities


  • believes unity is strength;
  • fees are tax deductible;
  • subscriptions can be paid annually, monthly or fortnightly;
  • has different subscription rates related to category of employment; and
  • is affiliated with ASMOF - all for the same fee!

Read more: About SASMOA

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Latest news

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