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2015 Transforming Health Media/Press Releases

Current responses to the release of the Proposals Paper by the Minister for Health

Radio News Broadcasts:

5AA - Thursday, 12th March 2015 - Phil Palmer, Spokesperson for the Ambulance Association on Transforming Health.

SASMOA Press Releases:

27 February 2015 - "SASMOA calls on the State Government to be open and transparent about the Transforming Health Proposals moving forward"

4 February 2015 - "SASMOA considers the Transforming Health Proposals Paper"

2014 Issues of overcrowding in Emergency Departments

Hospital overcrowding in the media:

"Overcrowding in Emergency Departments what is being reported in the media''

The college responds to impact of flu on overcrowding in the emergency departments. 

SASMOA representatives meet with the Minister regarding overcrowding in the emergency departments.

The ABC's comprehensive report on hospital overcrowding in South Australia:

ABC 7:30 Report, 22 August 2014

2014 Medicare co-payment Media Release

Media Release - Monday, 25th August 2014:

"SA Public Sector Doctors do NOT support a Medicare co-payment''

Medicare co-payment

The South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association (SASMOA) will continue to maintain its opposition to any proposal for a Medicare co-payment. SASMOA President, Dr Marc Agzarian said today, "The Association's members do not support a Medicare co-payment. South Australians will pay more for attending their general practitioner and will pay more for x-rays, medical imaging scans and blood tests should a Medicare co-payment be implemented and this will have broad ramifications for health care in South Australia".

"Any Medicare co-payment will have a significant negative impact on patients in South Australia. Patients will delay getting the early care that they need because of the increased cost. This delay will result in greater patient presentations to South Australian public hospitals, particularly emergency departments, which are already under enormous pressure to meet demand".

"We will see an increase in chronic disease, delays by patients in seeking medical assistance and shortages and excessive workloads in our public hospitals. It will impact on the elderly, the homeless, pensioners, low income earners, those with a chronic disease and families".

"Medicare is working effectively for South Australians and is one of the best health care systems in the world. Everyone is entitled to a fair, universal and accessible health care system in Australia. This will not be the case if a Medicare co-payment is introduced".

Authorised by:

Dr Marc Agzarian - President, SA Salaried Medical Officers Association

2014 Keep SA Healthy Rally Media Release

Campaign - Wednesday, 4th June 2014 at Parliament House:

"Undermining Affordable Health Care''

Federal Government Budget - Undermining Affordable Health Care


Public Sector Doctors will campaign to oppose Federal budget funding cuts of approximately $600 million over the next 4 years to the State's health system, with some health services to lose Federal funding by 1 July 2014. Members will commence the campaign by supporting the "Keep SA Healthy" rally on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.

SASMOA President, Dr Marc Agzarian said, "The Federal Government's introduction of a co-payment and cessation of the National Partnership Agreement will have immediate and long term health service impacts on the SA community, but particularly the elderly and families who are simply scraping by from week to week. This Federal budget is bad for patients, health workers and our community "

"It is well recognised that Australia's universal health care system is one of the best in the world. Any decision to reduce funding to our health system will see an expected increase in chronic disease, delays in seeking medical assistance, shortages and excessive workloads in our public hospitals."

"With the State Budget to follow soon, and the potential for the State Government to close hospital beds and reduce health services as a result of the Federal Budget cuts, the situation is looking pretty grim for all South Australian seeking to access our public health system.

"It is incumbent on all South Australians, including Doctors, to speak up and voice their concerns regarding these funding changes to health".

Authorised by:

Dr Marc Agzarian - President, SA Salaried Medical Officers Association

2013 Enterprise Agreement Media Campaign

Campaign - Saturday, 17th August 2013 in The Advertiser:

"Keep your health in Doctors' hands''

Keep your health in Doctors' hands

105-hour-week-thumbnailThe South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association (SASMOA) represents the dedicated doctors who work in the State's public hospitals and health units and who give care where and when you need it most.

That care depends on decisions made by highly qualified Specialists who train and advise more junior doctors on the best decisions regarding your health.

Often these decisions are a matter of life and death.

These Specialists, with at least 20 years' experience in their fields, are and always will be available if needed for patient care needs under the current "no fixed hours'' arrangement.

SA Health, as part of current enterprise agreement terms of offer, wants to subject Specialists to a Flexible Hours Arrangement (FHA) to operate between 7am to 10pm daily. Up to 105 hours a week.

SASMOA has told the State Government this is simply not acceptable and is appealing to South Australians to support them.

SASMOA objects to its members being forced to meet a roster based on bureaucratic or political need rather than allowing Specialists to make decisions based on patient care.

If the State Government is serious about protecting the health and wellbeing of the South Australian community, it must guarantee doctors continue to make those decisions based on their training and experience.

SA Health's EA offer will result in tired doctors working at a greater risk of providing a reduced quality of health care.

Safe hours for doctors is vitally important for your family's health care. We all need to be standing up for, and looking after, the doctors while they're looking after us and our families.

The SA Health Salaried Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement 2013 is at a stalemate. It needs to replace the previous EA which expired in 2011.

This is not about a pay rise.

The EA proposes a salary increase of 15.64 per cent over three years. This equates to a 3 per cent a year pay rise spread between 2011 and 2015. Essentially it is playing catch up on the expired agreement. This increase is in line with other public sector employees.

Documents / media available for download:

Enterprise Agreement Media Campaign Add - The Advertiser Saturday, 17th August 2013

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