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nRAH Private Work Space

27 NOVEMBER 2017 Lack of private work space/offices for junior doctors within medical wards. No offices within medical wards where junior doctors can sit privately to discuss patients or write discharge summaries. There are large shared (by all staff including Spotless) spaces but these are long distances from the wards and not practical to take case-notes to whilst allied health and pharmacy have small private offices within each medical ward.


31 OCTOBER 2017

The latest issue - all letters that we send to doctors at the RAH from our private rooms come back with a sticker saying they can't deliver it (deliver is spelt wrong) without the wayfinding number. My secretary was told to ring GP liaison, has left 2 messages on a message bank with no response.

Read more: CALHN

nRAH Locker Security 2

18 OCTOBER 2017

The codes for a large number of lockers, in use by staff, have repeatedly been ‘wiped clean’ by personnel staff. The staff using the lockers were not told, but rather a sign was stuck on the lockers. The result was lockers and personal valuables were left unsecured for hours.

Response: There was a need for CALHN to reprogram all of the lockers at nRAH. Some errors occurred in relation to this but all lockers have now been reprogrammed. This situation should not occur again and CALHN will provide at least 1 days’ notice of a scheduled time for reprogramming in the event it is required.

nRAH Locker Security

11 OCTOBER 2017 I went to get changed for theatres today, and yet again (has happened at least twice before) all the lockers in the theatre change rooms have been re-programmed for no obvious reason. I was then late to theatre waiting for someone to come and re-open my locker. I was then told by someone else (which turns out to be correct) that all the lockers are re-programmed to the same number, which makes a mockery of security for people's valuables.



9 OCTOBER 2017: An aortic valve replacement left outside the ICU offices in the technical suite blue space for a number of days. The prosthesis needed to be stored in a controlled environment and was just left in the corridor.

NALHN Code Yellow

9 OCTOBER 2017:  Internal emergency declared on Friday 6/10 because of lack of acute beds to admit patients from the NALHN emergency departments. Patients transferred from LMH to Modbury Friday night. Continued high activity over the week end and no inpatient beds available Monday morning 9/10 at Modbury Hospital to admit patients from the ED


RAH Chest Clinic

4 OCTOBER 2017: Chest clinic services insufficiently staffed with administrative support, affecting patients and clinical services.

WCH: Ambulance Ramping

4 OCTOBER 2017: Ambulance ramping at Women's and Children's Hospital.

nRAH: Delays in treatment

27 SEPTEMBER 2017: Delays of 30 – 45 minutes in transporting patients for urgent CT head scans in a life threatening emergency due to problems with booking orderlies.

nRAH Outpatient Clinics

27 SEPTEMBER 2017: Outpatient clinics unsafe. Significant number presenting without an appointment logged on the system and without casenotes.

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