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nRAH Outpatient Clinics

27 SEPTEMBER 2017: Outpatient clinics unsafe. Significant number presenting without an appointment logged on the system and without casenotes.

nRAH Emergency Resusucitation Rooms

26 SEPTEMBER 2017: The ACEM guidelines state medical resus rooms should be 25m2, and trauma resus rooms should be 30m2. The 8 Resuscitation Rooms at nRAH don't meet either of these standards.

Response: CALHN are aware of the issue and working through solutions. SASMOA awaiting further detail.

nRAH ED: Overcrowding

25 SEPTEMBER 2017: Ramping since 0900. Patients being assessed in waiting room by junior doctors. 42 admitted patients in the morning, 32 admitted patients at 1600. 5 admitted patients being held in short stay ward, staffed by ward nurses.

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